We are a community coalition who meets over zoom on the 2nd Tuesday of most months!

Please email <downeastrainbowalliance@gmail.com> to receive zoom link, agendas and meeting notes.

Our Mission: Advocacy, Education, and Support for the LGBTQ2S+ Community in Washington County/Passamaquoddy Territory.

The Downeast Rainbow Alliance (DRA) Zooms on Thursdays at 6:30pm Eastern. We schedule our meetings every 4-8 weeks.

Please email <downeastrainbowalliance@gmail.com> to receive zoom link, agendas and meeting notes.

We began our coalition in 2013 as a Community Circle with a goal to support GSTA clubs in area high schools. The mission since has expanded and now works towards creating an environment where everyone can thrive as their authentic self in Washington County. The DRA meetings are used to discuss current events, engage statewide organizations and support community progress.

In 2020 the DRA began expanding our efforts by initiating “The Traveling Rainbow” a grant funded project to reduce teen suicide in our region.

As a result of last year’s collaboration with DRA, we have had a significant number of students seek out resources and support from us as they navigate their path of sexual and gender identity. I feel that our collaboration has provided our students with a feeling of safety and genuine trust and care at Washington Academy that has empowered them to be themselves.”

-Christine Morris, LSCW

Our programming is free to everyone.

If you’d like to support our work you can make a donation to our fiscal sponsor: