Traveling Rainbow

Upcoming Events:

UMM Dining Hall: 1st Thursdays, 12-1

Shead High School: 2nd Wednesdays, 11-12

Calais HS/MS Cafeteria: December 7th, 10:50-12:30

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The Traveling Rainbow is a project that brings the community center to the people! Equipped with resources, a lending library, identity affirming items and staffed by some pretty awesome facilitators we are doing something special. It is something that is needed, to bring the support to the people, where they are, in the places they are already going.

We have also found that allies need support too! We are out here, showing up and being a reliable space for curious allies to be their powerful selves. All of our voices together are what make the difference to queer youth & elders alike.

This project is led by our young adults who are seeking safe spaces to be their authentic selves in the Passamaquoddy/Downeast Community.

Our goals include:

  • Providing Schools with affirming community space & resources.
  • Engaging health care workers on providing inclusive care.
  • Being present at events to network with our broader community.
  • Provide virtual community programs & spaces.

In 2022 we plan to expand our reach and deepen our connections. In 2021 we saw lives being affirmed by our programming. We support life thriving by creating space for individual’s authentic selves. The Traveling Rainbow is improving cultural competency for queer people in our community.

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“One of the protective factors for marginalized youth is to see themselves represented in their communities, and to have access to supportive adult mentors. Each person in our community is needed and valuable, and DRA helps ensure that LGBTQ2IA+ youth know that they are valued and wanted – especially important in rural places.”

-Kara McCrimmon, Cobscook Experiential School

We give thanks to MaineTransNet for all the ways they support us.

This project is funded by Maine Community Foundation’s Equity Fund, Healthy Acadia’s Partnerships for Success microgrant program & community sponsors.