Art with TIMA

Co-hosted by Kristin McKinlay and Annie Hopkins. All are welcome in this art project focused on connection, craft and some goofy laughs!

See you Saturday, October 29th, 1-3pm!

In person and via zoom.

At StudioWorks on TIMA’s campus in downtown Eastport!

FMI: Kristin <>

FMI: Annie <annieshields#9459 on discord>

March’s Paint Photographs
December’s Paper Stars!

You can practice arts and crafts alongside creative folx from our Passamaquoddy/Downeast Community. Each month we will explore our creative landscape through examples from TIMA’s collection that Kristin expertly curates to the group.

November’s Craft Boxes!

This program is focused on supporting the voice of young adults through creativity. We are committed to providing a compassionate and nice space making art with affirming people.

October’s Project!